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The Homeowner Façade Grant Program is designed to support Noblesville homeowners in the thoughtful restoration of historic residential properties. Exterior improvements to homes that are at least 50 years old, and are located within Noblesville city limits, will qualify. Other buildings or exterior features that are at least 50 years old are also eligible.

Homeowners are encouraged, wherever possible, to make improvements that restore the structure's original character. NPA will assist in identifying those features, when requested. Historic preservation requires research, attention to detail, and frequently, special skill sets. This program is intended to provide both financial and professional support, which ultimately will contribute to Noblesville's character and community.

To date NPA has awarded 34 façade grants totaling $27,000

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1007 S. 7th Street

The Tanton family wanted to remove an enclosure to their porch and replace it with a more architecturally appropriate design. NPA grant money helped them finance the construction, which included incorporating the porch's original columns into the new design.

1040 Plum Street

Matching grant to Patrick Adkins for painting all wood fascia, soffit, concrete foundations and plantings around house.

1057 Logan Street

Anne Kenley and Steve Younce undertook a complete restoration of their home's west side, including repairs to the brick foundation,replacement of deteriorated wood siding, replacement of rotted wood trim, and painting of the entire area. All replaced siding and trim areas were matched to fit seamlessly with the original size and design.

1159 Conner Street

Mike and Sandy Stewart undertook a complete repair of their home's rotted exterior trim. Once the trim was replaced, they painted it and other wood areas of the exterior with historically appropriate colors. The new trim and paint have added nice curb appeal to this prominent home on Conner Street

1194 Conner Street

Rob & Krista Bockos also had a very ambitious project. They completely revitalized the front of their home by removing newer siding from the front of the house to expose the original siding. They painted this newly exposed siding, as well as the shutters. In addition, they replaced the concrete front porch with a more historically appropriate one.

1210 Conner Street (2014)

Chris and Maggie Owens repainted their home’s original wood siding.

1210 Conner Street (2015)

Chris and Maggie Owens repaired their home's two brick chimneys to address functionality issues

1274 Logan Street

John Gilmore reframed his front door and painted the area around the door. He also replaced two small side windows.

1359 Logan Street

Casey and Bill Kenley painted their home’s front exterior gables and two windows.

1374 Maple Avenue

Tim & Lauren Parker's historic garage was re-sided to address the rotted tongue-and-groove boards and leaking issues. Missing windows were replaced with salvaged windows, and soffits were replaced.

1389 Conner Street

The Tardy family completed one of the most ambitious projects to be funded this year. They removed inappropriate trim and replaced it with period appropriate decorative trim. They also painted the front facade in a historically appropriate color scheme. As if that was not enough, they also began working on restoring their porch to a more historically appropriate look.

1436 Clinton Street

Heather and Wallace Miner project included sidewalk, porch and railing repair along with stabilization and repair of front porch columns.

1497 Monument Street

Hal & Lisa Cardona's project included replacement of eight windows

354 N. 10th Street (2014)

Heather and Gary MacInnis restored their home’s carriage house, including replacement of rotting wood and painting of the entire structure.

354 N. 10th Street (2015)

Heather and Gary restored their home’s two brick chimneys as part of continued maintenance and long-term stability.

498 S. 10th Street

The Corbett family envisions restoring their home's exterior to its Italianate roots. NPA grant money helped them remove a deteriorating Neoclassical front porch and replace it with an Italianate design.

569 Pleasant Street

William and Deborah Jamieson completed an extensive restoration of their porch’s decorative railings, posts, and trim. William painted and re-installed historic railing and trim pieces on his large wrap-around porch. Missing railing and trim pieces were custom made to match the originals. Two porch posts, which had been replaced with unsightly wood beams, were replaced with historically appropriate posts. Project work continues into 2015.

578 Chestnut Street

Ashley Snedeker replaced her home’s deteriorated exterior windows.

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