Neighborhood/Community Spirit Award

Supports efforts to “reclaim” Old Town neighborhoods for residential use, enhancing the rich quality of life in Old Town. It may be given to a property owner in Noblesville who converts a qualifying property from commercial zoning or multi-unit rental use to zoning appropriate for a single-family occupied home, for example, or it may be fore notable improvements within an area or district. NPA will endeavor to provide, but does not guarantee, funding to offset some of the associated costs. A qualifying property must be suitable for residential use, at least 50 years old and not have been substantially altered from its original appearance or in the process of being restored to its original appearance.

2015 Winner

Mike Corbett

It would be difficult to find anyone more deserving of the Community Spirit Award than Mike Corbett. He works successfully with people wearing many hats in Noblesville and Hamilton County, and he is always striving to improve the community. Mike is owner and publisher of Hamilton County Business Magazine and Welcome to Hamilton County Community Guide, which both contribute to the success and growth of Noblesville. However, his love for and dedication to our city reach far beyond his daily job. Mike also serves on the Board of Directors of NPA as treasurer, serves on the design committee for Noblesville Main Street, serves on the board of HAND, serves on the SW Quad Neighborhood Association, serves as block captain for Crimewatch, serves on the grants review

Mike's leadership and vision can be seen daily in his involvement in the life of Noblesville. In his own words: "My dream for Noblesville's future is that we start recognizing the value of urban-scale development, which is how our city grew for its first 150 years. Suburban values threaten to overwhelm the historic fabric of the city and change its character. Noblesville's strength and its unique appeal is its historic buildings, and I would like to see a healthier respect for that."


Special thanks to the Noblesville Preservation Alliance Sponsors