Denzel Hufford Garden Award

Denzel Hufford is no longer with us. But while she lived, she brightened the yards and hearts of Noblesville. Her daughter Adele Dodd says “Mom believed a flower’s beauty should be shared. I think she gave plants to half the people in town.” It is in honor of Denzel that this garden award was created.

Denzel helped neighbors care for their gardens. She’d weed and deadhead plants as she passed yards on her way downtown. She knew all about native plants and unusual plants. People who had gardening questions knew that Denzel would have the answer. In her 80’s, she received certification as a Master Gardener. Her flower beds grew plants that bloomed at various times of the year so there was always color.

We invite you to participate in the Denzel Hufford Garden Award. There are two categories in which a winner will be selected

Garden Prizes

The winners each receive an outdoor garden marker to proudly display along with a cash prize.  The awards are made possible by an anonymous NPA family with NPA matching funds.

Applications must be postmarked by June 30th. The winners are announced on August 1st.


Denzel Hufford Garden Award Winners

Nancy Huff - 2015 Denzel Hufford Award Winner 

Nancy Huff is the Grand Prize winner of the 2015 Noblesville Preservation Alliance’s Denzel Hufford Garden Contest. She received an outdoor garden marker and $200.00.
Her spectacular garden is in Harbour Woods Overlook in Noblesville. 

When Nancy moved in, she created a wooded back area with paths, arbors, a dry creek bed, a bridge, a bench, a birdbath and planters. While there was very little landscaping before, she’s added flower beds full of well-tended blooms. At dusk, four lanterns on timers give the wooded area a magical glow. The environmental use of a rain barrel also enhanced her score.

Ken Hebel - 2015 Denzel Hufford Award Winner Runner Up

The Runner Up is Ken Hebel of Cherry St. He received a $50.00 gift certificate to Garden Thyme at the Old Schoolhouse.
The awards were made possible by an anonymous NPA family with NPA matching funds.

Ken has strived to have year-long color in his garden; bulbs and flowering trees bloom in the spring, flowering plants and bushes in summer, and late blooming plants, mums and changing leaves in autumn. The judges made special mention of the outstanding, numerous and healthy hanging flower pots.

2014 Award Winners

Mike & Connie Foor - 2014 Denzel Hufford Award Winner

Mike and Connie Foor were the Grand Prize winners of the 2014 Noblesville Preservation Alliance’s Denzel Hufford Garden Contest.
Their superb garden is at 875 S. 9th Street in Noblesville.

Judges state that the Foor's well-maintained garden “had great use of plants, particularly in shaded areas. The pond was especially appealing, both in its design and upkeep.” Connie says she gets great pleasure in knowing where each plant came from, as through the years it has grown through cuts taken from places they previously lived and from friends and family

Ginger Hamilton of 307 S. 9th St. - 1st Runner Up

Ginger Hamilton’s organic cottage garden is lush with old fashioned flowers. She strives to always have pink, blue, white, and soft yellow blooms throughout the growing
season. It is Ginger’s first garden, and she has learned from trial and error. She often can be found reading in her “secret garden area.”

Ken Hebel of 1194 Cherry St. - 2nd Runner Up

Ken Hebel’s garden illustrates great curb appeal, playing up red, white, and blue colors. The judges recognized his effort to create beauty from a blank slate as he’s only lived there for two years. Ken also strives to maintain color throughout the growing season. His creativity is revealed through his conversion of a swing set into an arbor. All of the winners made good use of hardscape items such as rocks, bricks, and stone animals. Such items brought out the color of their surroundings, added to themes, and never overwhelmed the natural beauty of the plants. Adele Dodd, daughter of the late Denzel Hufford, presented the award. Also judging with Adele were a Hamilton County Master Gardener, a Noblesville Preservation Alliance member, a member of Keep Noblesville Beautiful, and a previous winner.

2013 Award Winners

No winner on record for 2013

2012 Award Winners

Due to record heat and drought conditions in 2012, this award was deferred until 2013

2011 Award Winners

Cindy and John Hillard - 2011 Denzel Hufford Award Winner

Cindy and John Hillard were the Grand Prize winners of NPA's First Annual Denzel Hufford Garden Contest.
They received an outdoor garden marker and $200.00. Their beautiful outdoor haven is at 678 N. 9th Street in Noblesville.

The Grand Prize winning garden was judged “perfect” in the judges’ eyes. According to the Master Gardner Judge, the garden was diverse and lush.
The Hillard’s have a rock grotto, brick hardscapes and garden art, including antique iron pieces used in a way to accent, not overshadow, the lushness of the garden.

Norma and Mel Minion - 1st Runner Up

The first Runner Up winners were Norma and Mel Minion, 219 Cheshire Circle

Ingeborg Reichwein - 2nd Runner Up

The second runner-up was Ingeborg Reichwein, 548 Banbury Road.

The runners-up received $50.00 gift certificates to Garden Thyme at the Old Schoolhouse. 
The awards were made possible by an anonymous NPA family with NPA matching funds.

Special thanks to the Noblesville Preservation Alliance Sponsors