Noblesville Preservation Alliance Board of Directors

Nancy Hebel - President

Board Member since 2018 (prior 2014 to 2016)

Nancy Hebel has lived in Noblesville for six years. She is now retired but spent 40 years as a teacher, elementary school principal, college professor, and student teacher advisor. Nancy is active in her church as a volunteer and enjoys reading and traveling. She and her husband, Ken, have six children and ten grandchildren who keep them very busy. They live all around the U.S. and in Canada (which explains the love of travel….). Nancy fell in love with Noblesville—the neighborhoods, the brick sidewalks, the tree-lined streets, the city square, and especially her 150-year-old home—the first time she saw it. She has been a member of NPA for five years and on the Board of Directors for three. NPA has flourished for over 30 years because of the passion and tireless working of people who love our beautiful old town and want to preserve it. Nancy is proud to support the mission of NPA and looks forward to sharing the passion, concerns, and plans for Noblesville.



Sandy Stewart - Vice President

Board Member since 2016

Sandy Stewart, née Thacker, moved to Noblesville in 1952 at age 5 – a part of the migration of southern workers to northern factories such as the Firestone Tire & Rubber plant. She attended grade school at Third Ward and First Ward schools (no longer standing), junior high at the current Boys & Girls Club on Conner St., and was in the first freshman class to attend the high school built in 1961. Though not born in Noblesville, she is well steeped in its history and delighted with its transition from a sleepy little town to a charming destination city with a vital downtown area. It is the carefully managed combination of progress and preservation she most admires, and values the Noblesville Preservation Alliance’s successful advocacy for historic preservation during this exciting transformation.

Sandy and her husband, Mike (who was born in Noblesville), are now living in their second Victorian Home in Noblesville. Together, they witnessed NPA’s inspiring beginning with the dramatic rescue and relocation of the Craig house. Their former home is in very loving hands, and has been on the Historic Home Tour at least three times. The couple enjoyed restoring this home, but moved to a larger mid-century home in Carmel after their son, Dalton, was born. After Dalton left for college, their longing for a Victorian home brought them back to Noblesville – a very happy return! The Stewart’s love their Conner Street home, built in 1889, and enjoy being able to walk to neighborhood restaurants, festivals and live music. They were pleased to share their home with the community on the 2016 Historic Home Tour.

Sandy had an early career in advertising and fashion retailing in New York and Boston. In 1982, she returned to her home in Noblesville and embarked on a thirty-four year career in elder services, serving as Executive Director of PrimeLife Enrichment 1996 - 2016. She is now semi-retired, still serving the agency as part-time Development Director. Sandy holds a BA from Indiana University, where she majored in fine arts. She became an NPA Board member in 2015 and hopes to serve as an effective advocate for historic preservation balanced with essential progress. 


Mike Corbett - Treasurer

Board member since 2007

Mike Corbett is a past president, currently serves as treasurer, and represents NPA on Noblesville Main Street's Board of Directors. He the editor and publisher (owner) of the Hamilton County Business Magazine and the Welcome to Hamilton County Visitors Guide. He and his wife Joni are currently restoring a 150 year old Italianate in Noblesville. Together they share an interest in historic preservation and have restored two other homes in Concord, New Hampshire, and Winona, Minnesota.

Mike was drawn to Noblesville when he first set foot here, impressed by the restoration work on the National Register Downtown Commercial District and the respect for historic preservation evident throughout the city. He holds a BS degree in Radio-TV from the University of Illinois and an MBA from St. Cloud (MN) State University.


Brian Landress - Secretary

Board member since 2015

Originally from south Florida, the Landresses transferred to Indiana from Charlotte, NC. Brian is an IT Director for Cummins Inc. in Columbus IN. and Anita is currently a housewife/project manager who loves to decorate using previously owned treasures, with a background in office management, purchasing, golf, electronics, manufacturing, banking and catering.

They had just finished their basement in Charlotte and were very pleased with the results, (Not an older home) when they got very courageous and decided to look for a project home, and came across the Queen Anne Style Victorian on 9th and Hannibal that had served as the Hamilton County Youth Service Bureau for many years. It made Anita feel like she was in her grandmother’s house, with the wavy floors, creakiness and the steep stairs going down into the creepy cellar.

Little did they know that these “cool” features were going to cost them so much to correct. In hindsight, their basement in Charlotte was a piece of cake in comparison. What a difference in the challenges of a 122 year old home and a brand new home! Their motto is “Do it right or don’t do it at all”, which is proving to be a very expensive motto!

They pretty much gutted the home, taking down many walls that had been added over the years, removing the drop ceilings, which were hiding amazing tin ceilings, completely rewiring, re-plumbing and correcting many structural & safety issues, while trying to preserve as many of the original features as possible. Brian drew up the original plans and Anita has been acting as contractor on the project, pulling their own permits and hiring local tradesmen to do most of the work..

Brian and Anita love that fact that Noblesville is so active in preserving the historic elements in town and so honored to do their part. They realize that this doesn’t happen on its own and without people that care about these things. It would be so sad to see the area become run down & lose home values as so many other older cities have done. 



Jeanne Clark

Board member since 2015

Jeanne has been an NPA member since at least 2002. Many of those years she has volunteered for the Historic Home Tour, usually as a guide and once as a house captain. When she tried to volunteer as a house captain again, she got talked into being a tour homeowner instead—with her home being the “as-is” house on the tour. (It was great fun once the tour actually started—although it was a lot of work to get there! She would recommend being a tour homeowner to anyone.)

Jeanne feels fortunate to live in Noblesville, with its county-seat bustle, community, arts activities and historic charm. She enjoys walking around Noblesville and admiring the buildings and gardens of the city.

Jeanne has lived in Noblesville since 1985 and has owned her 115-year-old home since 1991. She moved here from Peru, Indiana, to work at Conner Prairie, which she did for 8-10 years. Since then she has worked at Macmillan Computer Publishing (now part of Penguin) and JIST Publishing as an indexer, proofreader, and editor. She currently works at Anthem as a technical writer and document manager. In her off time, Jeanne is interested in all sorts of history, medieval and black powder re-creation, genealogy, photography, and textile handwork.



Trenna Parker

Board member since 2017

Trenna was born in Fort Wayne, IN. and lived there until the mid-1970’s. Her Father worked for General Telephone (GTE) and as she was growing up moved around quite a bit. We landed in Noblesville in 1981 when my dad was transferred to the GTE offices in Westfield, Indiana. We stayed in Noblesville throughout my high school years and I graduated from NHS in 1986. After High School, I attended Indiana University, Bloomington, graduating in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. After a couple of years, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy as a Cryptologist and was stationed at Naval Security Group Activity Hanza in Okinawa Japan. My daughter was born there in 1995 at the US Naval Base. When my enlistment was up, I returned stateside to Florida, where my Parents had relocated.

Trenna attended the University of Miami, School of Law in 2001 graduating Magna Cum Laude. Right after graduating from Law School, she returned to Noblesville and took the Indiana Bar. She has been living and practicing law in Noblesville ever since. Trenna and her husband continue to reside in Noblesville, as does her Mother, Donna Parker, a prior NPA board member. Trenna's passions include renovation of our historic home, re-purposing objects to give new life and sustainability, gardening, walking and bicycling, and supporting organizations that promote the betterment of our community. She has served on advisory boards for both Promising Futures and Community Protection Teams.


Aaron Head

Economic Development Specialist

City of Noblesville Appointment


Dottie Young

 Noblesville Historic Society Appointment


Jeanette Craw

Board member since 2018

Jeanette and her husband, Jason, purchased their home on Logan Street in July 2016. After touring historic homes on the NPA Home Tour in 2015, they were convinced that Noblesville is where they wanted to live. They love the historic homes, walkability of the neighborhood, and the community feel of Noblesville. They signed up to be members of NPA immediately after purchasing their home, and Jeanette volunteered on the Home Tour in 2016 and 2017.

Jeanette and Jason received a façade grant in 2017 where they updated the brick foundation and chimney on their home. Since moving to Logan Street, they have completed several projects. They enjoy making updates to the almost-150-year-old home that was in need of some loving and attention after being a rental property for more than 10 years.

Jeanette has made a career in education and currently works as a Workforce Liaison at Pike High School in Indianapolis. She completed her student teaching at Noblesville High School the last year it was in the building that holds Ivy Tech. Jeanette has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Master’s Degree in School Administration. She taught high school science for 10 years and has worked in many areas of career and technical education and school administration. 

Sadie McClain

Board member since 2018

Sadie McClain has been a resident of Noblesville since September of 2014. She graduated from Indiana University in 2011 with a degree in Recreational Therapy. She is currently a full-time nanny and her husband, Luke McClain, is an Electrical Engineer for MISO. As a hobby, the couple loves to travel to a new place each year, specifically places with rich histories. Sadie’s family instilled in her a love and appreciation for time-honored homes and buildings.

Her grandmother’s home was built in 1905 and the family’s dry goods store was built in 1860 in a historical Indiana town. Luke and Sadie fell in love with their Victorian home because of its character and charm. When they purchased the home, it was said to have been built in 1900, but they later discovered that it was built in 1876. As a member of the Noblesville Preservation Alliance Board, Sadie hopes to utilize the talents of all members to unite and better the organization. She is very passionate about this position and is excited to continue to learn about the beautiful town of Noblesville, Indiana.

Mary Catherine Mills Dillon

Board member since 2018

Mary Catherine and her husband, Kevin Dillon, moved from North Carolina to Indiana in 2014 to relocate for Kevin’s position with DuPont Pioneer as a Research Scientist. They lived in Fishers for a year, and both decided it would be more convenient to live in Noblesville due to the proximity to both of their jobs—Kevin in Windfall and Mary Catherine in Sheridan. Kevin grew up in an 1800s farmhouse in southern Ohio and swore that he would never live in another older home.

The couple both wanted land and a larger home to fill with cats and possibly children. However, once Mary Catherine and Kevin visited their current house on 1408 Logan Street, they both instantly fell in love. Even though the yard was a wreck and there weren’t acres of land with the home, the Victorian architecture and unique details of the home won them over. They could never imagine what the home had in store for them the past couple of years since they bought it in February 2015.

Mary Catherine and Kevin joined once they moved to Noblesville, and they have been active members in NPA since: offering their home for the 2015 NPA Home Tour and serving countless hours volunteering with NPA, especially the previous Home Tour events. Mary Catherine would like to become more involved with NPA and would like to have an active leadership role on the NPA Board. She has lots of fresh ideas and enthusiasm regarding the mission of NPA and the role of NPA in the Noblesville community and greater Hamilton County.


Jeff McCarty

Board member since 2018

Jeff has been a lifelong lover of history. He started a business out of college called The Original Time Capsule Company. In 14 years, the company sold 1.3 million personal time capsules in over 11,000 stores worldwide. Jeff has a BFA in design from Herron School of Art where he also studied architectural history. Over the years Jeff has renovated three historic properties including his grandmother’s 103- year-old farmhouse, a 98-year-old condo on Mass Ave in downtown Indy, and most recently, his and Jessica’s current 135-year-old house at 1360 Logan Street. Jeff is currently a part-time real estate agent with Century 21 and owns 5 rental properties—including two other historic homes in Noblesville. He and his wife, Jessica, love Noblesville and consider the historic architecture here some of the finest they have seen anywhere in the U.S.





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