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NPA and its members have significantly enhanced the beauty, authenticity and desirability of Noblesville by saving and/or restoring many of our community's precious architectural treasures - all while successfully raising funds to award fa?de grants to assist historic homeowners with exterior renovations. But, NPA has never had a home of its own! Remarkably, after 33 years of service, this ALL VOLUNTEER Alliance is still effective and thriving. NPA has accomplished great things while meeting in member homes, City Hall, and other borrowed spaces, and storing its records, equipment, signage, etc. wherever it can find space. NPA's advocacy and action will always be needed, but (like all grass roots volunteer organizations) it would be vulnerable to dissolution without taking steps to ensure its long-term viability.

October, 2019, the building at 1274 Logan Street, formerly known as the Logan Street Sanctuary, was purchased by Noblesville Preservation Alliance to serve as NPA's headquarters, and to continue serving as a performing arts venue and community cen­ter. Now called Preservation Hall, It Is also available as a rental venue for community celebrations, entertainment and educational events.



Noblestories features life in the 1890’s - Watch Our Latest Presentation


In the late 19th century, Noblesville was the largest city in Hamilton County. The Firestone plant and Forest Park were not yet built. The high school was downtown in Seminary Park and there was no hospital. Several railroads ran through town. The city limits barely stretched a few blocks outside of the courthouse square. It was a different time. For the next Noblestories, local author and REALTOR Kurt Meyer takes a close look at life in 1890’s Noblesville with words and pictures from that era.

Noblestories is a program of the Noblesville Preservation Alliance that gives today’s residents a glimpse into Noblesville’s past. NPA is partnering with Hamilton County Television to present and preserve these memories to help inform and enrich the lives of current and future residents. The event is streamed live on Hamilton County TV and available for viewing afterward at

This is the fourth in the series, which also presented memories of high school in the 1960’s, the Firestone plant and a promotional film of the city made back in the 1930’s.

Noblestories is free and open to the public, which is encouraged to participate with questions and commentary.



About the Noblesville Preservation Alliance 


For more than 30 years, the Noblesville Preservation Alliance has been working to protect our historic architecture. We believe that respecting and restoring our built environment is crucial to preserving the character of our neighborhoods and maintaining the kind of city we can be proud of. We are all volunteers, so we invest all of our financial resources back into our community.

It’s about more than buildings. It’s ensuring that as this city grows, it retains certain values: a balance between residential and commercial development, a respect for property rights and a focus on a community culture that stresses heathy living and vibrant neighborhoods.

We welcome anyone who appreciates Noblesville’s historic assets and wants to work to preserve them. We’re best known for our annual Historic Home Tour (always the third Saturday in September) and we offer several opportunities to get involved in that tour or in other events. We hope you will join us.



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